• Start generating 5X more leads
    Our proactive live chat turns your casual website visitors into engaged leads.
  • 24/7 Live Chat for Sales & customer Service
    Smarter website interactions for better lead and customer interactions.
  • Better analytics, Better insights
    Understand your visitor needs based on our chat-based lead reports.
  • Maximize your marketing ROI
    Improve your SEO, SEM, Social Media campaign ROI through better lead interactions.

Value-Adding Customer Engagement Sky-rocket Your Sales

24/7 chat service

Higher qualified leads & more project visits

As live chat service providers, we understand and train our agents to cater to each industry. We understand the user intent based on landing pages and provide the information to spark interest. In short, live chat for website gets your visitors excited about your own business.

live chat agent service

5x Increase in Customer Acquisition

In a month, our skilled agents operate 100,000+ chats and capture 50,000 leads out of the digital traffic landing on our client's websites. Our live chat application provides your website with a proven and tested framework for boosting conversions.

24x7 chat agent service

Higher Marketing ROI

Whether its search, social or display, you can instantly start collecting more leads for every marketing dollar that you spend. Also, our live chat website plugins are easy to integrate into your website and various CRM platforms.

online chat service

Bundled Performance reports and Transcripts

Get the best way to analyze online markets, web traffic and campaign performance. Get the live chat transcripts to drive the future customer interaction and sales process.

outsourced agent service

Reduce organizational costs

Livprop live chat for website package includes three expert chat agents working on shifts in a 24X7 basis. Even then, it’ll costs you only about 50% of employing in-house live chat support for your website at your expense.

increase lead chat service

Increase Overall Productivity

Our live chat agents filters and hands over only high quality leads to your sales professionals. Bid adieu to the fluff and frivolous among the online leads.

Managing Over 1 Million Visitors Online Every Month

Our skilled agents operate 100,000+ chats and capture 50,000 leads per month out of all the digital traffic landing on our client’s websites.

Get started with higher lead acquisition through better customer experience

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Our Services

live chat services completely enhance your online visitor experience. Our agents are professionally trained to understand the context of the Industries well enough to convert an online enquiry into a lead live on your website.

Salient features:

  • Increase qualified leads and reduce lead leaks
  • Increase

    live online chat engagement

    with customers
  • Get detailed reports on customers
  • Plug and play applications without hardware investments
  • Have

    24/7 online live chat support

  • Get comprehensive lead management tools
LivProp contact center uses a pre-approved script to continue the engagement with the visitor, generally highlighting your products/services, and making the visitor feel comfortable and find out about what they are looking for!
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We also offer extended support service by taking the customer through pre and post sales processes. Our supervisors and Customer Relationship Managers will train agents based on the requirement and help in achieving the targeted business benefit.
We can also provide visitor greeting services, and engage in general chat with the customer and bring you in to the online chat, so that you can be your own sales man, which help many small traders and business men. This is addressed by a Chat Transfer Service model, where LivProp will engage clients round the clock and validated leads will be handled by the client's agents when they are online.

Leading Realtor websites trust us at boosting their conversion rates from 3-5%.

Are you ready to look beyond your campaigns optimization to improve your marketing ROI?

Livprop live chat agents aid and guide your website visitors into becoming highly interested prospects for your realty projects. Our 24x7 live chat experts ensure that your website visitors are attended and directed into the later stages of purchase process.

Livprop chat agents consistently increase the conversion rates of some leading realtor website up-to 15% from their previous average rates of 3-5%.

We serve the most comprehensive realtor chat package to provide the best experience for your website visitors and improvement in lead acquisition for your business.

Our Packages

Low Traffic

150 Live Interactions.
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Medium Low

500 Live Interactions.
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Medium High

1000 Live Interactions.
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High Traffic

2000 Live Interactions.
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Very High Traffic

Please contact the LivProp sales executives for the best Service Solution.

Get started with higher lead acquisition through better customer experience

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LivProp will help the client to choose the right billing model after understanding the service requirement of the Client. Once the Services are frozen, the pricing can be discussed.

Our Clients

We have worked for over 175 clients from different cities by acquiring subject knowledge and adapting to their processes.

Contact us for references/case study of the Industry of your preference

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